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Firewood & Logs for sale in Stourbridge, Dudley, West Midlands

Are you searching for Stourbridge logs? We are a West Midlands based team that procure Kiln Dried Logs utilising our own Biomass Boilers that burn highly sustainable, carbon neutral & renewable fuels.

Our Biomass Boilers supply 910 KW of heat to our in-house carbon neutral Kiln's which are meticulously managed to cure our consumer wood through a 5-7 day drying cycle to ensure that our moisture content is 18% or less.

During our drying cycles, our logs are monitored and rotated within the Kiln to ensure a uniformed drying cycle. All logs are Hardwood (25 cm x 7.5 cm) to fit the vast majority of Log Burners. ONLY our kindling is Softwood.

  • Hardwood, all species

  • Kiln Dried, low moisture

  • Sustainable & dry timber

  • Locally, legitimately sourced

  • FREE delivery over £100 *Listed Locations


Local  |  Sustainable  |  Fuel Supplier 

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  • Bulk Bag - Hardwood Logs - 80x80x80 - £115
  • Small bag hardwood logs - 45x45x90 - £60
  • Loose Load - x10 logs - £8.00
  • Kindling Nets - £4
  • Briquettes bag - £10 (10kg)
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In order for us to process your request, please consent to us collecting and using your details so that we can reach out.

Firewood / wood logs

Welcome to Woodshire Logs, we are a friendly team based in Stourbridge & supply within 50 miles from our offices. Place your order with FREE DELIVERY - 10 miles from DY9 7AR, small delivery charges there after.

We serve the West Midlands, Dudley, Staffordshire, Shropshire, Herefordshire, Worcester & Warwickshire regions.

We offer a quality product and our prompt delivery service to keep your home warm.

We have two purpose built kilns that are meticulously managed through sustained drying cycles to ensure we produce Kiln dried logs consistently & keep our customers happy.

Once you order is complete, your logs load / bag will be delivered to your door.


Dried Hardwood|

kiln-dried hardwood is a brilliant firewood. Our kiln dried logs are Kiln dried & produce a fantastic blaze with a fantastic quantity of heat. When dried properly the output heat output doubles.

We split the logs and cut to 25cm lengths so that they will fit the vast majority of wood burners. Equally we spend time make sure that our kiln dried logs come from a varity of sustainable sources.

So we’re especially confident of the quality of our suppliers & our own Kiln dried process. 

Keeping you warm, sustainably is no easy task. We take great pride in producing logs to burn that are sufficiently dried in our in-house Kilns ensuring that you have ready  for that special occasion, cosy-day-in or for when the winter arrives.


Sustainably Sourced hardwood logs

We source legal, local and sustainable wood supplies which we Kiln dry inhouse for domestic, commercial stove and/or biomass use.

Firewood background - chopped firewood on a stack

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