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We are a close knit team who work very hard to the satisfaction of our customers, every time.

Through our two onsite kiln's we work hard to supply the best logs to our customers every time.

We offer FREE DELIVERY on all orders over £100

FREE Deliveryon orders above £100
(within 10 miles of DY9 7AR)

KILN Dried Locally & Onsite

FREE Delivery on orders above £100


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  • Bulk Bag - Hardwood Logs - 80x80x80 - £115
  • Small bag hardwood logs - 45x45x90 - £60
  • Loose Load - x10 logs - £8.00
  • Kindling Nets - £4
  • Briquettes bag - £10 (10kg)
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A little about us...

When purchasing logs to warm your home, moisture content and wood species are the two most important factors to consider as they will dramatically change the heat output results.

Founded September 2013 we have a custom made log storage and Kiln based in Stourbridge near the town centre.

We are one of a select number who produce sustainable, dry, quality hardwood logs.

Many others sell firewood locally from traditional sellers, however the wood is typically dried outdoors / undercover (Seasoned) but sell without being sufficiently dried & ready to burn, resulting in fires that often smoulder without producing the heat output required.

We keep a close eye on quality to ensure our customer base returns and with our FREE DELIVERY SERIVCE (Orders over £100 within 10 Miles of DY9 7AR) we supply across the midlands and surrounding counties.

We Supply

  • Hardwood, all species

  • Kiln Dried, low moisture

  • Softwood Kindling nets

  • Sustainable & dry timber

  • Locally, legitimately sourced

  • Heat Log, Briquettes

Its a shame that others do not follow such a regimented drying as we do , but it's the same across the country and the fuel costs of late have only added to the challenge.

Many of our customers have found us and remained loyal due to the fact that were previously paying handsomely for fresh yet wet logs from suppliers who were not able to keep up with demand for Dry Timber.

We have 2x drying Kilns, which are fully automated and we meticulously manage their drying cycles to consistently ensure we produce dried logs without question.

Thanks to our modern kilns & setup as pictured, our logs can be dried in a matter of days as apposed to weeks or months;

We have a variety of biomass boilers which keeps the Kiln temperatures regulated, and we are able to monitor the humidity levels throughout the drying cycle.

Its via this carefully managed process that we are able to provide a product we are proud of, everytime!

Get your wood on order

With winter coming, its important that you think ahead and get your supplies on order in ample time. 
If you are not sure what to order, which type of log would be best suited to your circumstance or just wish to talk things through.. please either complete the form above or, reach out to our friendly team on 01384 906 085 who would be delighted to assist.

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Not sure what you need?

No problem, we've got your covered!
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